Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Yarn Lies!

As I mentioned in my last post, I am currently working on a crocheted geisha for a friend of mine (she will need a name by the way, you should start working on that) and I was hoping to have it finished for today's post. I thought it would make for a nice easy little post in the midst of a busy week, but noooooooo, it just couldn't be that easy, could it? Of course not, nothing has been easy this week, NOTHING I TELL YOU!!!!

So the yarn I bought for the dress/body portion of the geisha is this beautiful soft dark dusty lavender color and I bought it because 1: my friend loves purple (I briefly thought about doing it in bright pank... very briefly) and because the package claimed it was the correct weight for the project, it is a brand I have not gotten before (I usually stick to the cheap stuff since these are not wearable items) and I thought, with it being a tiny bit more pricey than my normal yarn (don't worry, I bought this one on sale) it would all be ok since the package SAID it was the correct weight.

Oh how wrong I was...  

I started with the geisha's hair because I had that yarn first and then I made the geisha's head and put them together (so cute!) and I started on the body after that because I needed a break from the black yarn (black yarn is a bitch to crochet! especially with a small hook) I decided to do the dress/body, I was rocking along on it and had gotten pretty far into the pattern when I thought to myself
'self, that looks really small, you should check that against the head'
so I listened to myself and checked and, yea, it was way too small. OOOOokay, we'll try this again with a larger hook because obviously the yarn LIED about what weight it is.
*finds larger hook* (stupidly put smaller hook away)

I started once again on the dress/body and got not quite as far along and thought to myself
'self, that still looks kind of small, check it again'
so I did and it was still too small (THIS WILL NOT BE A BOBBLE HEAD GEISHA DAMMIT!) OOOokay, now what?
I'm so glad you asked...

It's now time to fly by the seat of my pants! (looooooohohoooong paaaaaannnnnttsss) (Homestar reference, I'm not crazy I swear) (yea right) I've been doing this crochet thing for... uh... 5 months now. I can TOTALLY figure this out.

okay, uh, start it the same then just keep adding til it's the size I need, okay then start making it a cylinder and decrease aaaaaaaannnnd TADA! I now have a proper size dress/body for the size of the head.
But remaking it 3 times means it ate up the only time I had to finish it before the blog today. Which is why you got this ridiculously long narrative/rant about the weight of the yarn being wrong.

Hopefully I'll have some pictures for you next week and maybe even a Spartan! (don't hold your breath kids) it just depends on how busy life gets... hopefully, not very.

See you next week!

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