Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Putting the Crazy in Crafting

Hello to everybody (or anybody at all) who is reading this baby blog!

My name is Jessica and I am endeavoring to bring the creepy, strange, odd, weird, scary, and insane side of all things crafty to the world at large. I may post every day I may post less frequently (at least until I get started on THE PROJECT, but I'll get to that later) I do many different sorts of crafty things and love to learn new ones all the time. I have just started picking up crocheting and find that I love it, I can currently make a lopsided rectangle but hope to soon improve upon it and start to make it go in circley type round things. :-)

I am, when I can actually support myself with it, a professional seamstress. I have worked two seasons with Opera Theatre of St. Louis, in the costume sweat shop, the hours were long, the designers difficult, and the results mostly gorgeous (some things we just had to work with what we were given, even if it looked odd) and they fed us donuts often and loudly.
I do a lot of independent commissions too, at least when I'm in my hometown and my friends (or their friends) need garb for a Renaissance faire or convention or even just because they wanted me to make something (I like those best, because of the serious lack of deadline)
I rarely, if ever, get the time to make something for myself, though I find myself with a touch more time on my hands now than I have in a long time and so I'm about to start on two different pencil skirts, a pagan Wheel Of The Year skirt, and a sleeveless dress to wear out at faire (all for MEEEEEE) I never can seem to have just one project going at a time...
There will be some mild language in this blog and at times there may be some not so mild language too, it really depends on what I'm working on and how badly it's going.
You have been warned 

Please do subscribe to my blog, for there will undoubtedly be much hilarity in my crafting adventures, as there always is.

Craft on, my friends, craft on!

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