Thursday, January 27, 2011

Step 1: make sure you have everything you need before you start

Alright, let's see here, I have my pattern! View E (the big picture)
I have my fabric
I have all my sewing tools of course, including my trusty sidekick Psycho! My lovely psychedelic sea turtle pin cushion (and yes he is indeed wearing a harness. My immediate boss-lady at OTSL 2010 was appaled that he hung by his neck off my apron and stole him away long enough to craft him a harness. Amused me to no end, I still giggle when I see it)
Now what else?
oh, I need a zipper, um, lacking one zipper; and ribbon trim! uh, yea, don't have that either; twill tape too? Crud, I know I don't have any of that....
Okay, so skipping step 1 then, we're moving on! This is a pencil style skirt with a little bit of flair to it (it's not entirely traditional because I'd like to be able to walk in it too, instead of just stand about and look pretty, though I'm sure I'll do that some too)It will be made of stable-backed wool and lined with the lovely red you see there in the picture, can't for the life of me remember what the name of the red fabric is, it's a blend of something... The pattern doesn't call for lining, but since stable-backed wool, well any wool really, can be quite itchy I decided to give it lining, because I rarely(if ever) stick to the pattern completely. (this is where the hilarity and blog worthiness comes from) In the words of some pirate "they're more like guidelines"


I'm hoping to wear this for whatever Matt and I do for V-day *checks watch* so I have 13 days until I go to see him and we have our early V-day thing because I have to work on the 14th. I can totally do this! I've done far more in far less time (blouse/chemise thing; materials received at 8 pm Thursday garment designed, cut, altered, cussed at, fudged, and then completed 3am Friday morning. Yes that really is only 7 hours)
ANYWHO! I can hit the fabric store tomorrow to get the rest of what I need and I might even pick up some of the supplies for THE PROJECT OF DOOM aka the Epic Project of Epicness code named Insanity.

Today however I will simply get this skirt cut out and started. Wish me luck and craft on!

P(ost). S(titch). It really does help to finish trimming the pattern BEFORE trying to use it to cut something out, no really, it does... *facepalm*