Sunday, September 25, 2011

Friends Don't Let Friends Drink And Bake

I made not so angelic, Angel Food Cake.
Well at least the recipe is not angelic. I had a devil (hehe) of a time trying to figure out the directions (only 4 steps? really? something has got to be missing here!) I actually had to toss out the first go at the dry ingredients, because I had had a drink or two before attempting this little adventure and my comprehension skills went out the window (or drowned in my mead, either way, it left me) And it didn't help that the directions (all 4 of them) were some of the vaguest baking directions in the history of ever. I do well with "you do this in this way until this happens, then you add this and that and do this" instructions, a recipe should have more than 75 words! (so says I)
Anywho. I was all excited to give this recipe a try, I even bought a new baking pan for this adventure, it has 6 personal size shell cakes

I thought it would be cute to have little personal angel food cakes for dessert (and I don't have a decent cake pan... and I didn't want a boring cake pan) and so, after dinner Friday, now full of good food and drink I got everything together to make these cakes (I even wore my apron from "The Tale of the Apron" though refrained from removing clothes... this time) Once I finally got everything mixed together, mostly in the right order, I greased my new pan and filled them up and popped them in the oven and it didn't take too long for me to realize I should have poured about half as much in each pan as I did. I didn't get a picture of it, but the cakes grew to be over an inch taller than the pan... it was scary.
When the timer went off I got them out and let them sit a bit before turning them out onto a towel (with a rather firm thud... I didn't think angel food cake was supposed to thud) one of them tried to make a break for it and thumped to the floor and after I got that cleaned up I got a picture of the remaining cakes and they are uuuuuugly

Thankfully I had thought to get Raspberries and whipped cream to go with the cake, so I was able to dress them up a bit and make them a little less frightening.

Matt and our friend Jason did suffer through this torture quite manfully and were wise enough not to complain about how dense and solid the cake was instead of the normal light and fluffy that AFC should be; and the over all flavor didn't suck, so I call it a learning moment, but still a success.

Onto Towel progress!
it's coming along nicely, I'm able to work on it in the car when we go places and I even took it to Oktoberfest to work on while we waited in the ticket line so we could wait in the beer line followed by the strudel line, even 2 beers in I got a lot done on it.
I might actually finish it this year...


The Spartans!
Here are this weeks guys, all of whom have homes (hooray!)
#28, #29, & #30 (I am one 10th finished with this project!)

#28 goes to Ben. This guy's name is Bedros

 #29 goes to Sara. His name is Salus

#30 is going to Ted and his name shall be Gannicus

Well time to get working on the next batch along with several other projects.
See you all next week!


  1. I literally laughed so hard I teared up. Those were rather...unfortunate cakes. LOLOLOL But the whipped cream and berries definitely saved it. And it was a great way to enjoy your apron as well.

  2. Angel food cake is actually one of the harder ones to bake. At least they looked good with the toppings and didn't taste too bad.
    The towel is coming along nicely.
    Yay for more spartans!!

  3. Alton Brown has a show on angel food cake, it should be on you tube when you want to try it again :)