Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The PROJECT OF DOOM aka The Epic Project of Epicness code name Insanity

Here it is, the moment you all have been waiting for, well some of you at least...

If I have randomly asked you to pick a number lately and then referred you to my blog, you will now understand why (well some of you at least...) heh...
A friend of mine recently found this book
And I have recently learned to crochet (as I have mentioned before) and I have only been getting better at it (if I do say so meself). So this book has all these creepy and super cute (as the name might suggest) little figures in it and when I was looking through it the first time I saw one of them and this project popped into my head (what project you ask? Well I haven't told you yet, hold ya damn horses a moment! yeesh) At first I was just kind of like "that would be really fun to do" and then the more I thought about it the more I really wanted to actually do it!
So I practiced with some crap yarn and a hook my friend lent me and got to where I could make the proper shapes and stitches and such (youtube is AMAZING) and then went out and got supplies...
As you can see I have a copy of the book (didn't want to destroy the copy that didn't belong to me) I have my handy dandy Notebook of ALL THE THINGS, it has all of my notes, the labels from the yarn (so I can find more later) and every scrap of information concerning this project (if I lose it I'm totally screwed)
I have the yarn of course, just the 3 colors needed for this venture.
tiny black buttons for the eyes, I currently only have 24 and I will need 600... O_O (599 actually)
poly pellets for weighted filling (I have WAY more than pictured) and GIANT lobster closures for stitch markers (a friggin god-send when crocheting in circles) also the felt there for weaponry.
It was really hilarious buying the felt, I couldn't find the right color in the little pre-cut squares so I went to the "felt by the yard" section and picked out the color there and it was this MASSIVE bolt of 74" wide felt and the roll was thicker than my waist and I plopped it down on the cutting table, smiled sweetly at the lady and announced "I need an 8th of a yard" she looked at me and said "just an 8th?", I nodded, so she gave me a look that said "seriously?" and kind of waited for an explanation or what I'd be using it for or anything really to justify my getting and 8th of a friggin yard off the huge bolt... I gave her nothing. Mwahahaha (mine is an evil laugh)
 next we have the 2 hook sizes I will be needing, I got the cheap hooks for my firsts and I may move on to more expensive ones later. I also have my detailing thread, a tiny piece of the stuffing I have (because why take a picture of all of it? I mean really...) and my pretty shears. Not shown is needle and thread for putting the pieces together.
I even picked up a new box for it all to live in...

And now I will actually tell you what this massive project is, this Epic undertaking, this insane project, this no less than a year of my life spent doing something almost entirely pointless except for the fact that it makes me happy, this project to end all projects (not really, I'll continue crafting after this project), this hand cramp in the making, this I really chose to do this, didn't I? this oh my dear lord what the hell am I going to do with all these things after I have finished with them project...

Can I get a drumroll please?
ok, fine...

Here it is, the figure that sparked my imagination and this insanity (and I totally blame Blue for being the second voice in my head to say "you SHOULD do it, true story, you should" just like she said when we decorated Beast, but that is a different story)
I give you The Spartan!
and I'm going to make 300 of them... because I obviously have nothing better to do with my time.

So if I have randomly asked you to pick a number between 1 and 300 lately, the number you chose is the number guy you will be getting and yes, I will be keeping track of which is which, stitching the number on the bottom of them, I'm also going to name them all (wish me luck with that). I really have no idea how long this project will take me, but I will be keeping track of it through this blog (it's the reason this blog exists actually) and I hope you all will tag along for what I am sure will be quite an adventure.

I'm off to start on the first one, he is mine by the way, and his name shall be Illiyon (pronounced Ill-E-on)

Craft on my friends, craft on!


  1. Woot! I'm glad I picked a low number ;)

  2. heh, it does you no good! I'm not giving them out til after I can take a picture of the full 300. Mwahahaha

  3. BWhahahahaha! There should totally be a Spartans vs photo blog before they get sent to there new homes! =) Just sayin'.

  4. WOW!!! What an amazing undertaking!!!! And yeah, am I too late to pick a number? I'm partial to 17! :)

  5. 17 is taken, but if you'd like to pick a different number...