Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Are You Going To Scarborough Faire

Opening weekend of my home faire, Scarborough Faire, is coming up! So I thought I'd do a set of Things I've Made For Faire, because really, why not?

I decided I'd start with my most common garb, it even occasionally has a character to go with it, but often if I'm wearing this I've lost my Give A Damn for staying in character.
The pictures were taken by my dear friend Roland (may he rest in peace)

Any time I make a costume I like to use textures and layers, I rarely ever half-ass a project (look at my Spartan project... definitely not a half-assed project) so starting with the base of this costume.
I had the strangest urge to put bows on my bloomers...

My second bodice. Really don't have a handle on bodice making, I leave that for people who actually know how.

whole get up with the Skirt Of DOOM. Seriously that skirt has more material in it than I care to admit to, it also weighs more than my dog...

goofing around

A look at the size of the skirt, though it really is much bigger than that.

This is also the skirt that tried to kill me.
I was camping out at Texas Renaissance Festival and it was cold at night, so cold in fact that I did something I had never done... I put a propane heater in my tent with me. It was a huge 2 room tent, so I moved all my stuff to one side and left the heater in the middle of the other side, far away from anything, even the sides of the tent. It had also been damp during the day and as you can see my skirt is long, so I hung it across the bar in the middle of my tent to try to dry the hem some. I wanted to wear it the next day as well and Large skirt + wet hem = very very heavy and pulling on my hips. At some point while I slept the skirt fell off the bar I had hung it on and instead of falling straight down, as it's weight suggests it might, it managed to fall onto the heater in my tent, just the top layer, and caught on the metal covering for the heater. I, in my wisdom, chose a fabric for this skirt that would not go up in flames, just melt and smolder and create a lot of smoke. I woke up with my throat burning and scratchy and my tent full of smoke and it took me several moments to realize what was going on. I grabbed my skirt off the heater and got out of the tent, dropped my skirt and opened both door flaps to my tent to let the smoke out. The cotton cord I had in the waistband of the skirt was acting like a wick and took pouring water on it to put it out. The top tier of the skirt was a complete loss but the rest of it was salvageable and I had to borrow garb to wear the next day. It took me a while to get to it but I have repaired the skirt and will be wearing it this weekend.

I'm pretty sure I used up one of my 9 lives that night... just sayin.

Alas, I have no Spartan for you today, only an excuse. I have been horribly sick since right before leaving NY and I've been on 3 different meds, all of which make me loopy, so I have chosen not to crochet right now because of the possibility of a Picasso Spartan. I am slowly getting better and I'm down to just 2 of the meds now, I will hopefully have a Spartan for you the next time I post which will likely be next Wednesday and really for the next 8 weeks only Wednesdays, because of the fact that I will be working every weekend at faire.

Have a good week everybody!


  1. I love the outfit!!
    I'm sorry you're not feeling well. Hopefully whatever you've got will be knocked out by your meds.

  2. Well wishes and huzzah for getting to wear that fantabulous skirt again! =)