Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lady In Red

Because I am a lady dammit!

I started on a dress a while back, a dress that was a bit of a daunting project. Now I don't often come across a project that I will look for any and every excuse not to work on it, whether I'm daunted by it or I just plain don't want to do it (I.E. Sunshine yellow ruffled pirate shirt *twitch*) this has been one of Those projects. Well I finally finished it last night, getting it hemmed very very late, much later than I had intended, but I did Other Things during the day (I cleaned ALL THE THINGS one last time for my wonderful friends before I leave ((OMG I LEAVE TO GO HOME TOMORROW!!!))) But the point is that I finished it and I'm even wearing it right now (I'll have to take it off soon to go load my car, dresses are not good for such things)
The material I chose for this dress was actually given to me, I'm not insane enough to buy this stuff myself... It is stretch velvet and a pain in the ass to lay out, cut out, and sew on (sounds like fun, huh?) and the pattern I chose is a lovely princess seamed, full circle skirted, floor length dress. What could possibly go wrong?

First, Catt and I combined our Epic Seamstress Powers and made the dress, that called for 8.5 to 9 yards of material, fit on 5 and a smidge yards of fabric (and yes, smidge is a technical term) and then the cutting out began.
After procrastinating a few days I finally put together the the front.

and then I finally put the rest of it together and procrastinated another day and a half before doing the hem. The 7 and a half yard hem...

and now i have a pretty dress to wear to faire!
Yay! Woo! Party!

One of the other projects I used to procrastinate I was actually commissioned to do for a friend.
I was talking about my Pin Babies with a Catt and Amanda and we were giggling as Catt's owl was getting filled up with pins and Amanda suggested I try a hedgehog next and make it for a friend of ours who has a pet hedgehog named Winston. So by cobbling and altering other pieces of the pattern I have I totally created a hedgehog.

the body is meant to be a bit rounder than the pattern called for so I made a new pattern piece for it.
I also altered a pattern piece for the face

so cute already!
the limbs were a bit of a challenge, but I figured them out and even though it was a tight turn, I made it work.

me using my scissors as a turning tool, because obviously that's a great idea >_<

Here he is! In ALL THE CUTENESS!
and we named him Churchill, because what else would you name him?
Here he is all pinned out.

And that's it for today, no Spartan for you, I've been too busy packing and what not to get another one made.
I will not be posting on Wednesday, I would have just gotten home and will be seriously busy sleeping off the drive and then going to see an opera.

See you all next Sunday!


  1. Shiny dress!

    Adorable hedgehog!!

    I'm going to miss you!!!

  2. The dress is beautiful and so is the girl wearing it. The hedgehog is fabulous!!
    Have a great trip!

  3. OMG, I so totally NEED a hedgehog pincushion . . . can I talk you into making another one?

  4. you most definitely can! Email me at and we'll get it figured out.

  5. Can you make a hedgehog for me too please!!!!???? I collect them and that is the cutest ive seen in a while. Please email me at

  6. Can I get a copy of your pattern for the hedgehog? I have a niece that likes hedgehogs and would love this.
    Thank you.

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  8. Love your red dress, you are very accomplished and I also love your hedgehog. Could I get a pattern?

  9. I NEED a hedgehog. Taking commissions?

  10. I absolutely LOVE the hedgehog pincushion. Could you make a pattern so that we could buy it? I sew for several people and would love to make this for at least 4 of them.

  11. I would be interested in buying the pattern for the hedgehog, he is absolutely precious! My email is Thanks, Kathy