Monday, August 29, 2011

Can't Brain, Have Dumb

I really need a vacation.
I had planned to show y'all the pirate sashes I made for a crew that goes to Scarborough Faire, I hurried to finish them this week so that I would have something to show you besides the Spartans... aaaaand then I delivered them without taking pictures first.
In place of sashes I will give you weapons, Spartan weapons. These little guys are armed with a sword or spear (or the occasional outlandish weapon, such as a ball of yarn and knitting needles...) and making them, though not hard, is time consuming. I keep forgetting to make them before Sundays when I need to be able to attach them to the Spartans to complete them. I decided that since I was a little ahead, I'd make a few extra weapons and while I'm on the farm I plan on making a whole mess of weapons so I won't have to worry about it for a while.
soooo yea, weapons pre-detailing

Anywho, here are the Spartans for the week, only 1 of them has a home this time.
I give you numbers 19, 20, and 21
All pretty basic fellows, they need no special weapons, only their wit and adorableness to fight the good fight.

#19 is going to Johnny Bosse  
Here is Medicus!

#20 is named Solonius, poor little guy is homeless, somebody give him a home!

#21 is named Pietros, he is also homeless. Poor little homeless Spartan...

Group photo!

Well there you have it for this week and remember there is no post next week (I'm sure you'll all be out partying anyways) I'll see you the week after!

Stay crafty my friends.

P.S. My wonderful boyfriend proposed last Thursday and now I can call him my amazing fiance! *SQUEE*


  1. Woot for getting ahead and farms and fiances!

  2. Congratulations!!!!!!! :) And yes, I'll be happy to give any of your Spartans a loving home. In fact, if you believe in group adoption, that works for me too!