Monday, August 22, 2011

Trying To Find Balance

Last week I decided that it would be a good idea to make 3 Spartans a week (how hard could it be? I mean, really?) in order to finish this project by my 27th birthday (instead of my 30th) but now I am realizing that it is taking up ALL of my time outside of work and sleep, though it's still imposing on both of those. So much so that all you get for a post today is the three Spartans I've made this week. I'm hoping that Labor Day weekend will give me a chance to get ahead and things will mellow out (no post September 4th, I'll be on a farm out in the middle of BFE where with no internet access or cell reception) because I have other projects in need of my attention besides this insanity (and those are paying gigs)
So without further (time consuming) adieu, here are this weeks Spartans!

#16 #17 and #18

#16, who's name shall be Thelonious, is going to my friend Megan Y.
(paint brush of DOOM)

#17, who's name is Nake (why? because I can) is going to my friend Blue

(I briefly considered doing everything blue, but thought it a bit excessive, so just the cape got to be blue)

and #18, Astinos, is yet unclaimed, but less dejected than poor Stelios the unloved

Group photo
One of these things is not like the other...

In other news I found out last Thursday that I have a Ganglion cyst (also known as a Bible cyst, because people used to "cure" them by whacking as hard as possible with a bible. For serious; google it if you don't believe me) in my left hand, attached to the tendon that allows me to bend my thumb. It is causing me great pain and to help with that (along with the hefty anti-inflammatory meds) I have gotten a crafters compression glove.
Isn't it stylish? (Note: I had to take the picture in my mirror because my camera didn't want to focus on it otherwise) Unfortunately it only comes in Electric Snot green, if it had been black or brown or anything else really, I could work with it, but the only thing I can do with this is possibly attack it with puffy paint and hope it doesn't kill me in my sleep. My other option is letting a doctor cut into my hand, which the very idea of makes me twitchy. I don't hurt that bad yet and until I do I will suffer with the ugly ass glove and when it gets cold outside I can wear both and look half as dumb but twice as ugly, hooray for me.

That's all today, I'm hoping for next week to have some crafty organizational magic for you, we'll see how that goes. I might actually get to have a bit of time to work on other things this week, but you never know.

Stay crafty kids


  1. Sounds like your next project needs to be knitting one of those cute hand warmers in the book I bought you so you can cover up the glove. Gonna have to be some small stitching though so the green doesn't sneak out the holes.

  2. LOLOLOL That glove is fantastic! But that is my favorite color green.... =)