Sunday, August 7, 2011

Whistle A Happy Tune

Once upon a long ago I was going to try to teach myself how to play the Irish Tin Whistle. This ended poorly because my family did not approve of the first stages of learning... because it was loud and sounded a bit like strangling a bird... I gave it up because I could not deal with the teasing. Well now I have a place of my own and can try again (I've also finally found my whistle) I've found some Youtube classes and I'm going to make a point of working on it almost daily (if not daily) because obviously I don't have enough on my plate as it is...
You may be wondering why I have brought this up (if you're not, then well, you're special...) well you see, the reason I have is because I bought touch up paint for my car, very high quality metal paint, it looked like the closest thing to match the paint color and yet it is too bright and doesn't match (dammit) so now I am left with this paint and nothing to use it on (this never lasts long) Matt has a tin whistle too, it is an ugly yellow color, he doesn't want it (possibly because it is ugly, but most likely because he doesn't play it, he plays the Bodhran, which is a drum) so I have sort of claimed it, it is the same key as mine (but uglier) and my thought process went something like this.
*looks at whistle* damn that's an icky color
*looks at paint* pretty sparkly blue
*looks at whistle* it's metal...
*looks at paint* it's metal paint!
I need something quick for the blog and it's something for me, which makes it even better! and then I'll have a practice whistle and a pretty whistle. How is this a bad thing???
So there you have it. Perfectly logical if you ask me.
Anyway, I started painting before I thought to take pictures of the process but as you can see here it really is an awful yellow color

the first coat was streaky and you could see too much yellow through it, so after about an hour and a half I put on a second coat

 which covered up a lot of the streaky but not completely, so a third coat is in order and then a few touch ups
and now... hooray pretty blue whistle!

and of course, I have the next Spartan for you! I'm barely into the double digits and I'm already getting a bit silly with them. This #12 is going to my friend Mimi (of Meandering Mimi Creations go check her creations out!) and Mimi is a Hooper (hula hooper that is) so I thought it only fitting that her Spartan have a hoop as well and it was interesting figuring out how to make a crocheted hoop! So here he is Vortix the hooping Spartan!


I've just done some math on how long this project will take at 1 Spartan a week from hence forth... it will be 5 and a half years before I'm finished O_O
I do believe I'm going to try and pick up the pace a bit, I'd rather not be doing this for the next 5 years, mkay? And I'm quite certain no one wants to wait that long for their Spartan.

I am getting faster at them, but I'm thinking I need to be even faster if this is going to get finished before I'm 30.

I shall leave you now, on that sobering thought, and wish you a good day.

I said good day!

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  1. the hoop is adorbz! <3 Sara

  2. Yes, the yellow was ugly and the blue is beautiful. The Spartan is adorable.