Monday, December 12, 2011

Crafty Christmas Corner part 2

The Grandmother Edition

Apparently the craftiness runs on both sides of the family, I have for you today a few ornaments made by my mother's mother (the same Grandmother who painted the owls from a previous post) She used a jigsaw to cut them out (not sure if they are her designs) and hand painted several hundred of them over the years, pretty much everyone in the family has at least a few of them. I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a box of unpainted ornaments and last year painted a few of my own and spread them among friends, I still have quite a lot left too (I'm sure I'll do something with them eventually...)
without further adieu...

The little soldier boy is one I have blanks for, I think I even painted one last year. I know I have more on my tree, but I couldn't find them (I like a full tree)

The other item I have for you today is a ceramic snowman, this was made by my Great Great Grandmother on my Fathers side, her name was (I shit you not) Daisy Dearing and I have been told she was a brilliant artist, especially with ceramics, and a mean ole bit..... uh biddy... yea biddy was the word my Great Grandmother and Grandmother and Father used. Right, anyways, here it is

I think I have another piece she made, but I'm not certain if it is actually something she made.

Now for Spartans, I have 55, 56, and 57. All are homeless and unclaimed.

55 is named Numerius, he has a petite shield because it was the last piece I made one evening and I was tired and didn't start with the correct number of stitches but made the shield like normal, this resulted in the smaller shield. This project is not about perfection, so I left it as a piece to be used, I think it's cute and it makes this otherwise unremarkable Spartan a little unique and comical.

56 is named Claudius (I love his quirky smile)

57 is named Ovidius

welp that's all folks, see you next week!


  1. My little mouse is on my tiny tree :)

  2. Paint one of the blank soldiers as a Spartan for me......pulease!!