Monday, December 19, 2011

Crafty Christmas Corner Part 3

The Me Edition

I've shown you awesome craftiness that spans the generations in my family and now I get to show of some of my own. It's not my most impressive works, but I give away most of my really good pieces (I can't help it, I love my friends)

I have a few cross stitched ornaments I've made over the years; starting with this tree
I think this was one of the first ornaments I made, I really don't remember (it was a long time ago and I've killed a few braincells since then)

I remember finishing this picture and going "now what?" I kind of cobbled it together with the hanger from a different kit and got this ornament

(really wish I had dated these things...)

I was given these kits for snowmen ornaments done on plastic canvas and I finally got around to putting hangers on them this year

aren't they precious?

This year's big project was a wreath for our door, we can actually have decorations for the holidays of the year because we actually have a place to store them (such a novel concept) so I got an old wreath from mom
and took all the bits off of it (it was all in bad shape) and went shopping for new bits to make it pretty again
I've made wreaths for mom before and always used a metric feckton (technical term) of hot glue on the adventure. Well living in TX is not conducive to storing things held together by hot glue, it really does get hot enough here to remelt the glue and screw up your decorations. So I decided this time there would be no hot glue and surprisingly, it worked.

I started with the ribbon, wrapping it in the branchy bits of the wreath and making a big bow (oh yea, I got skillz)

and then began adding things from there until it looked full enough
 some of this and a little of that and a huge poinsettia, per Matt's request.
 wiring everything in place instead of the gluing, there were many pricked fingers by the end of it
and then I wired it to the door and we stood outside in the evening in shorts and tshirts, bare foot, in the middle if December and admired it.


I kind of adore it really

anywho, I have no Spartans today, I will try for a mid week post with just the little guys, but between work and this week being a beetch and drinking far too much this weekend (don't judge me) I wasn't able to get them together, even with the 2 and half hours I spent in Starbucks crocheting yesterday morning.
Oh how I wish I still had that little bit of lead I lost, alas...

Have a good Monday everyone!

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  1. Jessica, you are so creative and a very entertaining writer. I noticed your door wreath when I visited. It is lovely and unique.