Tuesday, December 27, 2011

After Christmas Catch up

I couldn't post about this before Christmas, because it would have spoiled the surprise.
I have found a craft that I kind of fail at. The Home Made Snowglobe...

I decided to make Matt a snowglobe for Christmas, because he doesn't have one; you heard me, he doesn't have even one snowglobe. So I went about collecting materials for this thing (you know it is REALLY hard to find a jar when you actually need one) I found a sauerkraut jar, a bear toy, some glitter, and some crazy explody glue and started gettin crafty.

The first bit went ok, the glue expanded and took the glitter well to look like snow around the bear, I let that set for a while (read as more than a week because I procrastinated and also because Matt was always around) and ended up taking it to work to finish it because it was the 23rd and I had run out of time to get it finished at home.

I boiled the water

I cooled the water

I poured the water in the jar

I dumped the silver glitter into the jar to be the snow... and it all floated on top of the water.


so I scooped all of the silver glitter off the top of the water (except the few pieces that didn't float) and used the rest of the white glitter for the "snow" and then came sealing the lid (dun dun DUUUUNNNN) this is where it went bad, I put glue around the inside of the lid and then also around the outside, I didn't realize the glue would break free from the lid inside and stick to the bear's face... and then the glue on the outside went all crazy and expanded like whoa and glues the jar to my desk through a paper towel... Goo Gone is my best friend.

I finally got all the extra glue drippings off (mostly) and attached the base and gave it to him when I got home from work because I didn't want to put the still sticky glue in my bag to sneak it inside.

without further adieu...

 Stuck to his face!

Now for the Spartans

#s 58, 59, and 60

58 is named Karanus and he is homeless, the poor little guy

59 is named Padronis and is going to my dad

60 is named Hilarious (oh yea, I did that) and he too is homeless

Welp that's all folks, tune in next time for The Big Announcement Of DOOM

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