Monday, November 21, 2011

Cloud Nine

I truly enjoy sharing my crafty knowledge and occasionally I get to share my knowledge in the form of teaching a particular craft. This past Friday I got to teach my friend Sami how to crochet. She caught on quickly to the stitches I taught her and even practiced a bit on Matt's towel. I grabbed some scrap yarn to teach her to crochet in the round and she practiced all the stitches I had shown her, creating a bit of a poof. The yarn happened to be white and we dubbed the poof a cloud and just for our own amusement, I embroidered a 9 on it.


My other adventure for the weekend was actually a baking adventure! I made multigrain rolls yesterday afternoon. I haven't made home made bread since I was little and helped mom knead dough.
I used my new cookbook The Sparkpeople Cookbook, their recipe looked easy (I like easy) and didn't call for a lot of different ingredients. I was afraid for a bit when the dough didn't really rise at all, it may have been due to the humidity, I really don't know; but after the second rising they looked wonderful and then baked up nicely. They certainly aren't as pretty as they are in the book, but I think they turned out quite well and Matt seems to think so too. I'll probably make more for Thanksgiving.

Now for the Spartans!
This week is monumental, I have reached the first milestone in this project, I have gotten to #50!That is 1/6th of the way finished!
I wasn't sure when I started this project if I could actually stick with it, as my attention span can be a bit short... *ahem* But I seem to be doing ok with it. Right now I'm still kind of going through a "I DON'T WANNA!" sort of period with the Spartans (it's why I can't seem to not be behind schedule) but it will pass, hopefully soon.

Here they are!
49, his name is Batiatus and he is unclaimed

50! his name is Duro and he is also unclaimed

51, his name is Gnaeus and he too is unclaimed

Next weeks post may end up being late because I will be at TRF over the weekend and may not have it read to post in the morning. We'll see how the week goes.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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