Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Propped up

I told you this post would be late. TRF was quite a lot of fun, the first day I dressed as a christmas elf, which is what the wig I've spoken of was for.

it began as this

 grosgrain and velvet ribbon
 to cut the lengths evenly (so many strands)

and then became this, my own design...

the strands of yarn were sandwiched between the 2 types of ribbon and held together with elastic, the velvet ribbon being fuzzy side down on my hair. It grabs on and keeps the wig from slipping. It actually worked quite well. It was kind of funny how people didn't recognize me at first, since my hair is so dark, the white hair looks quite different.

My other props for the weekend included a Santa's helper hat

 and curly toed boot caps (unfortunately this is the unfinished product, I didn't get a pic of the finished ones and they got all mucky at faire)

finished they had bells on the toes (that lasted all of 20 minutes... I walk too hard apparently) and red painted around the ends to give the illusion of being fresh off the elf. hehehe.

another prop I hadn't gotten around to posting about is this pirate map
I got it for the first trip out to TRF this year and didn't end up using it for anything. I didn't like the straight finished edge it had, so I changed it.
From this

To this
(hooray fire)

I do not have Spartans for you today, I'm afraid I did not get them finished, between TRF prep and Thanksgiving cooking and baking and whatnot, I didn't have the time to finish them.
But what I do have Matt's towel, which I just finished last night!
It is a grand 18 inches long and looks quite nice perched on my love's shoulder.

That is all the crafty adventures I have for you for now.
Til next time


  1. I LOOOOOVE your wig idea and I am pretty sure I am going to totally steal it and make myself one or 3. =)

  2. Da' likes the "Elfy" expression in the wig photo.