Monday, November 7, 2011

Crafting Rambles

I found that when I thought about what to write for today's blog... I had absolutely no idea what I actually wanted to write about. So I'm going to ramble a bit about up coming projects. I guess you can call it a preview of what is to come... eventually.

Directly on the horizon is a commission for a friend of my mother and 2 of her co-workers, pirate garb for an event. It should be fun to design.

I have a few stuffed toys I'd like to make for gifts, not sure why I decided to make them, but I felt the need.
Found some really cute flannel on sale that is perfect for what I want to do
Now all I have to do is find the time to do it... 

I finally located my craft plastic so I can make a new case for my pedometer, since the clip broke a while back and the phone case I have been using is beginning to get on my nerves. I just have to figure out how to make it attach to my pants. I'm thinking safety pins, because I'm just that high tech.

I will be making a few props and garb pieces for this next trip to TRF, I'll even be documenting the making of a wig, so you all can see (that's assuming my idea works...) the greatness once it's done and the process it took. I actually picked up materials for the wig yesterday and had to make myself finish the Spartans instead of start on it. This week will be getting super crafty!

I still want to crochet a Nac Mac Feegle at some point, I have a project lined up for after I finish Matt's towel, but hopefully it won't take too long, I think I'll begin work on the Feegle then.
I'd love to work on my crochet pattern designing skills (which is partly what the Feegle will be) not sure what all I want to attempt, but it should be interesting. Also on the crochet docket are some arm warmers, I was given the yarn and pattern book for my birthday this year, I might even get to use them by next winter.

I'm beginning to notice I plan projects really far in advance, I'm thinking maybe it's due to the Spartans taking up most of my free time and commissions taking up the rest of it. meh. what can I do? I can't quit the Spartans, I'm past the point of being ok with that and I've already bought all the yarn for the project...

anywho, enough rambling, here are the Spartans for this week!

43, 44, and 45

43 belongs to my friend Kari and his name is Balus

That is a chair leg he's holding, in case you were wondering.

44 is unclaimed, his name is Darius

45 is also unclaimed, his name is Cyntios

I think this weeks batch kind have doofy expressions, 43 not so much, but the other 2, they make me giggle a bit.

til next week, adieu


  1. Ohhh this is so adorable. A very cute little creation
    hugs June x

  2. OK, OK. I'm in. I think 59 was a very good year. :)