Monday, January 2, 2012

The Big Announcement Of DOOM

Ok kids, this is going to be short and not so sweet...

I'm sure when some of you heard about this project you said something along the lines of "really? I don't think you'll finish this project" and to that I say, thanks so much for the vote of confidence.

Well you just so happen to be correct in thinking that, because I have decided to half give up on the project in favor of doing other more exciting things (like dancing and making a Nac Mac Feegle and other things out of my many many crochet books) BUT what I have decided to do is to make all of the numbers that have homes and take a picture of the impressive hundred-some-odd Spartans I would have made at that point. SO if you have chosen a number, hooray for you, you'll still get it; if you haven't and you want a Spartan, I will be posting a list of all the currently made homeless guys and you can take your pick from them (I might even change the weapon upon request and donation... or just donation)

I have grown weary of making them already and I'm not even at 100. I knew it would be hard to remain focused on this project because I like variety in my life and crafting, I just didn't realize how FRIGGIN SICK OF THESE LITTLE BASTARDS I'D GET...


Now if you'll excuse me I have a commission to work on.

Happy New Year Everyone!