Monday, January 16, 2012

Does This Make Me A Bad Person?

Before I address the title, I have a few other things for you.

Not the most crafty of crafts, but I think it still qualifies. It has become a tradition for Matt to get me a new jigsaw puzzle each year for Christmas. Starting in 2008, he got me a Fairytale puzzle that had all the Grimm's fairytale characters on it in sort of a "Where's Waldo" format, it was 1500 pieces and it took me 2 weeks of working on it everyday after work.
2009 he got me a gorgeous castle scene, with forests and snow and mountains... absolutely beautiful. It is a 2000 piece, I haven't ever finished it because of the forests and snow and mountains. (I told him not to do that again)
2010 it was a lovely fairy lady, it's a 1000 piece and I haven't finished it yet because of lack of time and helpful cats are not helpful.
2011 he got smart and found a 500 piece puzzle for me (just the right size for quick but challenging) it is a Carnivale mask and had enough detail to make me work for it, but I could still enjoy it quickly.
He also got me a puzzle mat, so I can roll it up and get it out of the way when I'm not working on it.
I had to share the pretty with you.

I do believe I promised you Spartans this week, I know I have been slacking on getting them up, but I should tell you life has been very very busy. Work is kicking my ass good and proper and when I get home, if I have any energy I workout and then I work on the current commission I have and then I sleep (if I'm lucky)
I do have Spartans though, I stayed up late last night to finish them for you (you're welcome)
So I have for you, the first in the "I'm only making the ones that are spoken for" series.
68 and 69 (hehehe)

68 is going to Mary, his name is Donny (lol, I had to)

69 (hehehe) is going to my friend Rachel, who was lucky enough to claim him first, about 5 people asked for this number after she did. His name is Caligula (because why not?) and this Spartan is the reason for this blogs title...

oh yea... I went there. And just for the record, that is a flogger he is holding.

aaaaaaand on that note I bid you good day

I said good day!


  1. No, it does not make you a bad person, just a clever one. Had you actually crocheted the boy parts, THEN you'd be a bad person. In a really really good way. :)

  2. Lynette, I have a pattern for such a thing... it just would have been VERY disproportionate...