Monday, January 9, 2012

Useful Crafting

Through out the holiday months I made a few functional crafty bits that were not holiday related and so, did not make it into the blogs.

First we have my Dish Washing Glove Hanger (mental note; come up with better name...)

Don't you just hate it when you put on you glove to wash dishes and they are wet inside? Well I do too! So I came up with a little spur of the moment "I'MSOSICKOFTHISSHIT" solution...

I happen to have cabinets directly above my sink so any water that got inside can just drain into the sink. So far it has worked perfectly.
 (yes, that is in fact my stove in the background, my sink faces a HUGE window and all I could get was a bad shadowy picture of it hanging where it belongs)

Next I have a hanging pocket for my sewing scissors (mental note; think of name for this...)

Don't you just hate it when you knock your scissors off your sewing space and they stab you in the leg? or worse, the foot! Well I do too!!! I came up with this, also spur of the moment, when I should have been sewing on something else, but kept losing/knocking my scissors off onto my leg.

I even added some pretty to it, because I could.

And now for something completely different!

I saw an article for a thing called a Counting Bracelet, it is to help you keep track of your calories for the day, each bead is so many calories (50, 100, etc) and you move the charm around the beads as needed (think of it as the dieter's prayer beads) I took the concept and ran with it. I made a necklace, that can also be wrapped twice around the wrist for a bracelet, and made several charms.

I have one to keep track of how many days I do my workout; one to keep track of how many days I get some hooping in; one that was originally going to be for WW points, but I'm using to keep track of how many days I've tracked my food; and one to keep track of how many cups of water I've had in a day.

This is the workout one

Food tracking, Hooping, Workout, Water

These are all things I had on hand at the time, which I think is both cool that I can do that and scary that I have enough crafty shyte to do that.

Unfortunately I don't have Spartans again today, I went to a gathering last night and took everything with me to make them while there... except I forgot to grab stuffing. So definitely next week I will have some for you.

Happy Monday all!

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