Monday, January 23, 2012

A Flare For The Piratical

I seem to make a lot of pirate garb. I dunno why, but people come to me for piratey clothes.
The most recent was a friend of my mother needing a pirate costume for a work function, it was actually a lot of fun to go shopping for fabric, we found some wonderful fabric for the coat she wanted, I would call it Pirate Chic.

There were 3 pieces to this commission; a shirt (ruffles and lace included) a coat (tres chic) and a head wrap (with beads)

The shirt was easy, I have a good old tried and true pattern that has not failed me yet.

I have a very tiny bit of this lace left over, I really want to find something to put it on.

The head wrap was simple because it was a rectangle with beads on the ends.

But the coat, the coat was a different beast entirely. This is the base pattern I used...

But it was lacking a collar, so I melded it with this pattern...

it is (unfortunately) a Vogue pattern and so was a bit of a pain to blend with the coat pattern. In the end though I made it work and I'm quite pleased with how this piece turned out.

I think this is one of my finer pieces, the weight of the fabric (or rather lack of weight) and the blending of the patterns made it a challenging piece and it's usually the pieces that I want to throw down in frustration, that I end up being the most pleased with.

Happy Monday all!

P.S. Happy Birthday Daddy!!!

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