Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Because One Project Is Never Enough

Hello again my crafty friends!
I told you I'd be back today and here I am.

Firstly! Here is the picture of Matt in the hat I made for him, in his Don Giovanni costume, before the show. I am still squeeing at the fact they chose my hat over any of the other options.

Now onto my new project! It is another skirt, an everyday sort of skirt instead of a dressy skirt like the pencil skirt.
This is going to be a Wheel of the Year skirt (as seen in The Anticraft book), it has the 8 symbols of the 8 holidays on the Pagan calendar, those being, Samhain (sow-in), Yule, Imbolc (em-bulk), Ostara (oh-star-ah), Beltane, Litha, Lunghnasadh (loo-nah-sah), Mabon (may-bon). Each has a specific symbol associated with it that will be appliqued on the different panels of the skirt. There will be no specific front or back to the skirt, it is made in such a way that it can be turned to the symbol of the holiday we are closest to.
It's going to be a colorful skirt...

very very colorful...
 here is a picture of a copy of a picture of what the skirt will look like.
Today I gathered all my materials together and borrowed a lighted desk to transfer the applique designs to the fabric. I sat down and prepared to get to work and then decided I needed a snack... hey every crafter needs her (or his) snack. Don't judge me.
I got myself a very special cookie and a cup of peppermint hot chocolate.
and they're so pretty too...

Then I got to work on the transfers, it went a lot easier and faster than I was expecting.
There is Samhain, with the Triskele or triple spiral
Yule for winter
Imbolc with St. Bridgit's Cross
Ostara for spring
Beltane with the waxing moon
Litha for summer
Lunghnasadh with the sickle
and Mabon for fall

All of the colors showed up wonky because I took the pictures with them on the light desk, so you can see the symbols, you won't see the true color until I actually start the process of appliqueing.
I managed to get all of the symbols traced and all of the panels cut out today and tomorrow I will try to get the strips of filler cut out (that would be the vertical stripes an the top and bottom of the skirt... in case you were wondering) and maybe even start the process of putting the Wonder Under on the applique bits, I think that is my least favorite part of the appliqueing process, well second maybe to actually placing the appliques (thin spirals are the worst!)
I really don't have a deadline for this project (I mean, I've only had the material since LAST May, why should I be in a hurry NOW???) but I think I want to make one up for the sake of Not Procrastinating. So let's see... a good date would be...um... how about the end of February? yea Feb 28 sounds good. Sure, why not? And if not then, definitely by Ostara which is March 22 (or thereabouts)
Sounds like a plan to me!

I'm excited to actually start on this project (finally) I had every intention of making this in St. Louis last year, but the season got busy and the busy got drinking (and I still drank less than the first season with OTSL, which is kind of terrifying really) and so the materials stayed in it bag until now (well actually I've pulled it out 3 times since purchasing it to get a start on it, I just hadn't ACTUALLY started it) though usually once I get going on a project I get through it pretty fast (unless I hate it or it's a huge feck-all project, like making 300 Spartans, but really who on earth is crazy enough to do that? ((don't answer that)))

It seems to be becoming a trend to end a post with introducing a new Spartan, I'll try to keep up with that. So here is the latest addition to my teeny weeny army (though he is taller than both the ones before him) Trivios the pouty Spartan!
I will be starting on 4 soon enough, I didn't get to him tonight because I wrote this blog instead...
Craft on everybody!

P.S. Hannah,
I have figured out one of the things you'll be getting for your birthday, but you won't find out until I'm back in TX, at the END OF MARCH! MWAHAHAHA (mine is truly an evil laugh)

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  1. That hat does look good. I think your skirt will be very beautiful. Yes, every crafter does need a snack and yours looks very tasty.
    The Spartans are coming along beautifully.