Saturday, February 5, 2011

Deadline? What Deadline? Oh And Look It! Look It!

Oh right! The skirt! I had forgotten... oops...
I got so excited to start on my 300 project I kind of completely forgot about the skirt I wanted to wear for V-day dinner (that will not actually be on V-day) until Thursday when I got home and realized I had 5 days to work on it and that included Thursday. So I promptly didn't work on it (though I did spend 4 friggin hours trying to figure out the helmet pattern for my Spartan; it's all about priorities) and even put all my sewing stuff away because I was cleaning for First Friday Filk, so yep, you guessed it, no working on it Friday either (but again worked on the 300 project because I could do that and sing. It would have been really rude to drag out my noisy sewing machine anyways... and no, that is not just an excuse) So I got home today around 5pm and got everything set up and going about 6pm. The skirt was still in pieces when I started this evening and now right at 10pm I have finished it. I'll see about posting pictures tomorrow (or possibly Monday, depending on how dead I am after work tomorrow...) when I have a chance to look better than I do now.

On to other things!
I had complete container FAIL on the first test of it's travelibility (yes, I really did just make up a word) as I'm walking through old grungy snow the handle of my brand new container pops off at one end, thankfully I was able to get it gently onto the ground, thus avoiding the spillage of ALL THE THINGS into the mucky snow (w00t!)
It's sad isn't it? So I have made some highly sophisticated modifications to it (woohoo duct tape!) in hopes that it will do a bit better for me because I can't return it, it was on sale (dammit)
Moving on...

Illion is finished! I finished him yesterday, except for his sword, I had to get a different color felt for the sword, I really thought the sandy color I had gotten would be dark enough to not blend in to his skin color, alas. But I found a great granite color to use instead and I have the sword put together I just need to embellish it, which I think I'll do right now...
*insert stitching noises here* (though if you make a lot of noise when you hand sew, YUR DOIN IT WRONG) lol
Here he is! The man of the moment. Standing at 4 inches with his helmet on and weighing... uh, well not much; Illion the Spartan!!!

uh... well there is his body at least...
and there's his head (why my camera would only focus on the carpet, I really don't know)

And we have his shield, cloak (no capes! ((points if you catch the reference))) teeny tiny loin cloth and the helmet (the helmet that collectively took me about 6 hours to do because some of the instructions are, in fact, BACKWARDS)

Avert your eyes ladies cuz...

He's nekkid!!!

I really shouldn't blog so late, I just get silly...
Here we are! Coming along nicely.
And finally here he is in all his glory (or was that an earlier picture?)

I'm quite pleased really, I think this is going to be a seriously fun project and I think these guys are going to develop personalities of their own as I make them.
I've already started on 2, I'm not sure what his name should be yet, I'm sure it'll come to me at some point, probably when I don't have pen and paper handy. That does seem to be the way of it.

Well good night all and craft on!


  1. He is fantabulous! Reminds me a little of Mr. Penut in a couple of the shots. =)

  2. He is soooo cute! And I can't wait to see the skirt. I'm sure you're going to be look fabulous in it.

  3. WOOT! Looks great hon. :-D

  4. WOW! I love his helmet- very impressive!