Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sewing Sewing Sewing, Keep That Needle Going

pin it on, cut it out,
cut it out, lay it down,
pin it on, stitch it up,
The end is in my sight!

I've had Rawhide stuck in my head for some reason lately, specifically the Blues Brothers version, I don't know why. So I decided to make my own lyrics, as seen above. (am I not terribly clever?) Mostly I'm just procrastinating on doing the applique on my skirt (as I have been doing all week...) I really am not too fond of appliqueing and I've had other things to attract my attention this week and since I really don't have a hard deadline for this project I haven't been able to find the motivation to actually do it.

The deadline I set was the end of February, which happens to be tomorrow (I'm not normally this bad with deadlines, I swear. I'm just usually unemployed and have all kinds of free time, that is not the case right now) So here I am today spending my day off appliqueing until I'm cross eyed; and I'm kind of okay with it, I occasionally really need to do something tedious (the best example of that need popping up is my sewing apron. I spent 3 and a half hours matching ALL of the patterns when placing the pockets. I'll post pictures of it on one of my back log projects entries.)
The first to get done is the triple spiral, I figure if I get it out of the way first it can only get easier from here (exception being the St. Brigid's Cross but that's just a lot of straight lines, how hard could it be, right?... right?)

I cut out the strips for the filler bits the other day and was amused with my lazy method of cutting out multiple strips of the same size.

oh yea... go me...
I accordioned the fabric however many times I needed and then put the first piece I cut on top as a pattern. It worked well for me and I'm not sorry for being lazy with it.

I am actually working on the triple spiral as I'm typing this post up and can I just say that this has got to be the most tedious thing to applique in the history of tedious appliques. This is not the fun focusing kind of tedious this is the "OH MY DEAR JEEBUS I'M GOING TO KICK A WHOLE LITTER OF PUPPIES" kind of tedious.
And now it is done.

On to the other panels! and hopefully I will get the skirt finished today since I have nothing else planned for today except for crocheting; and speaking of crocheting! I have just made my very first crochet pattern, unfortunately I can't tell you what it is yet because it's a gift for someone, but it's adorable and awesome and I'm pleased with it. There will be pictures... eventually.

In other CA news I finally found my scoop for the poly pellets in the little Spartan guys. It will be handy and it just adds to the cute in my life.

Also I am going to try to get on a schedule for posting. I want to post more often, but I get tired after work and forget until it's time for bed and way too late to type anything up. SO I will be adding it to my calendar with an alarm reminder on the days I want to post, which will be Wednesday and Sunday. I figure starting with 2 days a week and going from there will be good.

and now to end this post because I really want to get to watching Xena (seriously, don't judge me) and I will end my post, as I so often do, by introducing the latest addition to my army!
Here he is (the most creatively named Spartan so far) Gluteus Excrucius!

So named because he was a pain in the ass to make! The little bastard...
I don't know why but he was not like the others in the way he went together, I had to work extra hard on making the pieces work, it was seriously frustrating. Notice the bastard smirk, it's because he is one and should have that smirk.

That's all until Wednesday, I bid you good day and craft on!

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