Sunday, March 20, 2011

Well That Is... Interesting

I blame BJ for this one, I really do...

It's been a while since I have made cross-stitch graph, a long while actually (read as, I don't remember the last time I did...) and so when BJ sent me a picture he found online of a cross-stitched Hello Cthulhu I made the squee noise and wanted to throw things at him (because I did not need another project! No really, I didn't) Now many of you will probably know what Hello Kitty is, The cuteness; Not many of you, I suspect know of Cthulhu (feel free to correct me), The Elder God; Now that you're edjumacated on the subject, meld the two things together and see what YOU come up with.

The picture of the cross-stitch was pretty cut and dry, making it easy to copy, and I have a zoom screen function on my Netbook that was very handy for the more difficult spots. So I borrowed a pad of graph paper and set about marking off the general shape and picked colors close to what I wanted and then made a legend for the color/symbols. All in all this took me about a day to completely copy and now I have it laminated to be used at a later date, because I really ought to do the Ireland road trip map project before I do this one (Matt, I'm going to tie you down so you can't get away from helping me draw out the route for that thing, seriously, I'll do it if I have to)

just starting to take shape

 getting closer and even a little color


And just because this post would be far too short with just the project above (and because obviously I can't have just 1 or 2 or even just 5 projects going at a time) I have made the first of the pin cushions!
Here he is in pictures...
 Eyes! I sewed them onto a bit of scrap paper to stabilize them

Beak! It's like a tiny hat, teehee!

Wrong side out owl is wrong side out

Completed and signed. I am the maker of the cute!
I had to hold him down because he is weighted with sand and if I let go he'd pop right back upright, it amused me (so much so I laid him down and let him pop up several times before actually taking the picture... don't judge me)
And he has been dubbed Mike, short for Mycrathene Whitneyi which is the Latin name for the Elf Owl (because Catt's creatures can't have short names, lol)

And now a very special offer from The Crafting Asylum just for you! If you love my little owl (or any of the other pin cushions on the pattern) you can own a custom, one of a kind creation by me! That's right, I will make one for you. For $5 plus shipping (shouldn't be more than $5 for shipping) you can choose the one you want and I'll pick fabrics from my stock or for $10 plus shipping you can pick the one you want, the fabrics, and how you want them (I will send you photos of all fabric available) and for $15 plus shipping I will design and make a creature just for you (or alter one of the patterns I.E. the owl could be a penguin with a few tweaks)
This is not a joke, I'm serious, if you would like to own one of my little Pin Babies leave me a comment and we'll go from there.

Alas, I have no Spartan to introduce to you today, I have been too busy with work and other things to work much on it this week. I should have one if not two to show you by Wednesday.

That is all for today, I will be making the other pin cushion I have planned at some point, but not today dearies, the rest of my day will be spent reading or crocheting before the insanity of packing begins on Tuesday.

Craft on everybody!


  1. The Hello Kitty Cthulhu is going to be awesome! Now I have the urge to read some H.P. Lovecraft. That owl really is adorable.
    I will totally take you up on the pincushion offer. I'd love a penguin or a Hello Kitty Cthulhu.

  2. Natalie, I'll message you on SP with detail type things