Wednesday, March 23, 2011

You've Got To Be Joking

Really bad pun, I know, but oh well. Maybe the awesomeness of the project will make up for it, yah?

This is actually two different projects, for two different people, who don't even know each other, done about a year-ish apart. Funny how these things happen.

Up first!
When the Dark Knight movie came out my brother (2 of 3) really liked the Joker's outfit, he requested that I make it for him for Halloween. Now normally I won't charge family to sew for them, I might ask a favor in return or some such something, but for this it cost him in other material ways than putting cash in my hand, because I made everything except the shirt and tie. That's right, I made a full three piece suit and over coat (I kind of want to steal the over coat, it rawks!)

It was really funny shopping for materials for this project (he's going to hate that I told this story) you see, he's colorblind, which makes it hard to get his opinion or help picking out fabric. The following conversation happened...
me: we're looking for Royal Purple fabric.
he: what about this fabric?
me: Sam that's blue...
he: oh

We did this a few times before he just quit trying to help. I also did his makeup and hair, which turned out pretty good, not as good as I would have liked, but not shitty either. Some bonding even happened...

Next is a Harley Quinn costume I made for a friend (who shall not be named) it's the first time I had worked with this kind of material and this sort of costume, I thought it turned out ok.

I was particularly proud of the wrist ruffs, they turned even better than I had expected (which happens from time to time, I have that "Holy shit, it worked!" moment) unfortunately she had me alter the hell out of the costume when I got it to her and so it did not have the nice smooth lines I had been going for. (which still kind of bothers me, but whatever, can't fix it now)

Enough of that though, I have another Spartan to introduce to you! This little guy will be finding a home with my mom (for he is number 7 and that is the number she chose) he shall be called Phineas and he shall be adorable!

There you go mom, just for you ^_^

That's all for today, see you Sunday!

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  1. Both of those costumes are great. I really like that overcoat.
    Phineas is quite adorable.