Wednesday, March 16, 2011

When Seamstresses Procrastinate

Is it possible to have productive procrastination?

While going through and reorganizing all of my crafty stuff for the move back down to TX I came across a few things; the first being the heinous (sorry mom, but it really is awful) fabric mom sent with the Quick Yo Yo maker

and I thought to myself "Self, this material has the Ugly Puppy potential, what can we make out of it?" then I found my pin cushion pattern which has multiple cute things to make (it's where I got the pattern for Psycho, my turtle pin cushion)

So looking at the pattern and the fabric and the small scraps from my WotY skirt I just made, I decided that the bird would be a good choice for the fabric. I showed it to my housemate and she mentioned she liked the owl and made pouty face at me (though we're both sick right now, the pouty face might just be a cause of that... not really sure) So now I must have the ugly bird and she must have the owl (all from scraps even) I decide to finish the reorganizing before I get started and come across 2 sleeve linings from OTSL last season...
(stupid squirrels)

Crap now I want to work on those, because obviously I NEED to have electric pink gothy bell sleeves RIGHT NOW. (my brain, it is fuzzy sometimes) So I set them aside and continue reorganizing and I come across a halter top that I love but has a hole that needs fixing.

SHIT! Now I want to get that fixed too.
AND THEN I come across my Cake or Death workout headband I haven't gotten the chance to wear because I need to extend the elastic on it...

*sigh* I guess it's a mending sort of day then, eh?

I'm still going to start with the sleeves. Why? Because I want to, that's why.

What I'm planning for the sleeves is to turn them into free floating sleeves (kind of like arm warmers) to wear to the club, because honestly where else would I wear electric pink sleeves??? I may add trim if I find some I like, I may embroider on them at some point and I'm probably going to add garter straps to the top edge to keep them up. What I'm doing with them right now is altering them to fit over my biceps and it's not that I have massive guns or anything, these were cut out wrong.

Because that's what happens when you have someone "helping" that doesn't know what the feck she's doing. Last Season at OTSL it got crazy towards the end of the season, we had so many Over Hire people in the shop because we just couldn't do everything ourselves, there weren't enough hours in the day or days of the week to do it. SO the team I was on got 2 Over Hire people and one of them got assigned to help the Firsthand cut out sleeve linings. Instead of using the pattern to mark the seam line and cut an inch out from the edge she traced the pattern and then marked an inch in from the edge, thus making a tiny sleeve lining. I figured out this mistake while staying late trying to get the sleeves put together, my Firsthand was less than pleased, there was enough material to cut out another pair and I got to keep the small ones.

Yay me!

So, first thing is to alter the width...

and then I closed up the seams on the hand end so that I didn't have unfinished seams hanging out.

and that's really all I can do for now, at least until I decide exactly what I'm doing with it.

I mended the shirt and altered the headband and the pin cushions will be another post on another day, so today I have gotten all these things done and none of it is what I had planned to do. What I planned to do is a bit of a daunting task, making a dress out of stretch velvet, so is it really possible to be  productive and seriously procrastinate at the same time. Why yes, I do believe it is.

Ah well, these things happen. At least I didn't just sit around all day like I really kind of wanted to.

Til next time!


  1. You could put the sleeves on the dress, that way you'd have already started working on it. Just a thought.

  2. LOL or not. The dress is crimson stretch velvet and the sleeves electric pink lining fabric. It would be scary!!!

  3. Stretch velvet is a horrid material to work with....but it looks good when it's done, dang it. =)